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We provide a complete surfacing, tarmac, driveway and paving solutions service in Weybridge and across Surrey


Based in the Lambs Business Park in Godstone, Surrey, JPS Contractors is pleased to extend the offer of its paving and surfacing solutions to commercial clients and private customers across the Surrey region, including our valued customers in Weybridge.

Paving and Surfacing Area

A complete paving and surfacing package

As the area’s foremost contractors, we deliver on any task, from pavements and roads, to driveways and car parks. Whatever the specification, you can relax in the knowledge that your project is in a safe set of hands when you instruct JPS Contractors.

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Tarmac surfacing

Whether you are in need of a whole new surface, or simply require maintenance and repair of an existing stretch of tarmac surfacing, our team of experts offer a hard wearing and durable tarmac surfacing solution for any car park, driveway, or road. Well practised in tarmac surfacing, our engineers ensure a neat job and a level finish.

Driveway contractor

We have a wide range of driveway contractor services that we can offer to business clients and private customers alike. With our range of machinery and materials at hand, our driveway contractors are able to produce stunning results for your property. From tarmac to gravel, paving slabs to bonded resin, our driveway contractor engineers will make a driveway you can be proud of.

Paving contractor

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Surfacing contractor

All these services solidify our reputation as the top paving and surfacing contractors in the Surrey area. As surfacing contractors we are expected to deal with all manner of roads, pavements, driveways and other surfaces. Be it a private job, or a government contract, our surfacing contractor packages offer unbeatable value.

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Civil engineering contractors

JPS Contractors are fully qualified civil engineering contractors. We are available for any project, no matter the size or scope, and we come with skills and equipment you only get from the areas foremost civil engineering contractors. We can provide road surfacing, paving, and fencing services, not to mention demolition and site clearances. As Local Authority Approved civil engineering contractors, you are assured a high quality of work.

Paver hire

We offer an operated paver hire service across Weybrideg and the South East region.

Your local paving and surfacing provider

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Whatever your paving and surfacing needs might be, in and around the Surrey area, and Weybridge, call JPS Contractors today on 01342 892 602, or 07779 237 232, and get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

Paving and Surfacing Area
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