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Surfacing and paving solutions in Biggin Hill

For more than fifteen years now, JPS Contractors has delivered exceptional quality in the field of paving and surfacing services to the people of Surrey, Kent and Sussex, including our valued customers in Biggin Hill. Our team of dedicated and professional technicians have helped the people and businesses of this town in the setting down of playgrounds, driveways, car parks, public and private roads, paved and gravel pathways, and hundreds of other unique surfacing solutions, each one tailored to the needs of the client in question. Still going strong, and with a reputation to match, get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Biggin Hill JPS Contractors

What JPS Contractors can do for you

As the South East’s number one paving and surfacing experts, JPS Contractors has a lot we can offer our clients in Biggin Hill. Here are some of our more popular services.

Tarmac surfacing in Biggin Hill

Tarmac is an extremely versatile material when it comes to laying down all sorts of surfaces. Most familiar to us from roads and driveways, it is also a frequent choice for public squares and assembly points, where it offers a safer and smoother surface than traditional paving slabs.

Driveway contractor in Biggin Hill

Speaking of driveways, our customers in Biggin Hill now have the perfect opportunity to invest in a brand-new driveway or, at the very least, to arrange for the existing holes and scratches borne out by years of use to be repaired and put into good order. A JPS Contractors, we pride ourselves on the smooth finish we deliver to each and every driveway that we lay, and yours will be no different.

Paving and surfacing contractor in Biggin Hill

No matter what sort of finish you want – gravel, paving slabs, concrete, crazy paving – if you want a smooth and level finish to your drive, road, path, or patio, then you need to call in the professionals at JPS Contractors. What may seem like a straightforward task holds many traps for the unwary amateur. So make the right decision and call in the team that knows full-well what it is doing.

Manned Paver hire in Biggin Hill

We understand that certain construction companies (and even some domestic customers) would rather do their paving themselves, if only they had the equipment to do so. As paving and surfacing aficionados ourselves, we can certainly respect that. In fact, we can go a step further, with a range of high-end manned paving and surfacing equipment available to hire. We will even advise you on the best vehicles and / or machines for completing the specific task that you have in mind.

Your local paving and surfacing provider

At JPS Contractors we pride ourselves on being a local firm, delivering our high-quality surfacing solutions to the local community. Businesses and domestic customers alike have made the most of our work over the years, as our team of dedicated technicians spread out from our Godstone office to cover the whole of Surrey, Kent and Sussex, including those customers of ours from Reigate, Ashtead, Banstead, Westerham, Dorking, Lingfield, Oxted, Sevenoaks, Warlingham, East Grinstead, Esher, Leatherhead, Weybridge and, of course, Biggin Hill.

Biggin Hill JPS Contractors

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For all your paving and surfacing needs in Biggin Hill and across the South East, call JPS Contractors on 01342 892 602 or 07779 237 232 for your free, no-obligation quote